US Intel Officials Believe 45,500 Corpses Were Incinerated In One Fortnight In Wuhan

US Intel Officials Believe 45,500 Corpses Were Incinerated In One Fortnight In Wuhan, by Paul Joseph Watson.

US intelligence officials believe that the true scale of China’s coronavirus outbreak is at least FIFTY times worse than the communist state is admitting to, and that 60,000 dead bodies per month could have been processed by the funeral homes in Wuhan.

Speaking with Fox News, a Trump administration official said that “PRC numbers as reported today seem to be arithmetically impossible.”

“Again, we don’t know the real numbers today, but we do know the about 80,000 infections and 4,000 deaths as reported by the Chinese Communist Party propaganda are not even remotely close,” the official added.

It is believed that US intelligence has in its possession satellite images showing funeral homes in Wuhan overwhelmed by dead bodies. Officials believe that incinerators have been in constant use for 24 hours a day since the outbreak began. …

A recent estimation of the true death toll, released by The American Enterprise Institute suggested that China must have had at least 2.9 million cases outside the Hubei province and that the total number of deaths is likely well over 100,000.

Why would the Chinese lie so outrageously to the rest of the world? They — partly through their puppets at the WHO — initially told us that it was just like the flu and not to worry, even while they were burning thousands of corpses. They told us that refusing entry to Chinese from Hubei was racist — even while people from Hubei were not allowed to travel to the rest of China. It’s odd, but it’s almost as if the Chinese government wanted us to get sick. Maybe that’s why they don’t want an independent investigation.