USA update: No light yet at the end of the tunnel

USA update: No light yet at the end of the tunnel, by Lion of the Blogosphere. Here is the latest US picture:

As a whole, the US has flattened the curve but has not yet crushed it — though there is a hint at the end that the crush might be starting. The US is still a long way from being able to open up. Because it has no internal borders (unlike Australia, at the moment), the whole country is one for the purpose of the the virus moving around.

Massively incompetent leadership … Even Dr. Fauci, the seemingly wisest member of the coronavirus team, said on March 9th, that it’s OK to go on a cruise, when clearly it was not OK. On February 8th, I wrote “all cruises need to be canceled immediately.” As you can see, I was more than a month ahead of Fauci on the virus, and Fauci is considered the best of the team.

There was total incompetency at the CDC which couldn’t test anyone and denied tests to anyone who hadn’t traveled to China even when it was obvious to me that the virus was silently transmitting. Total incompetency at the FDA which wouldn’t let anyone create their own tests. Total incompetency all over, and those same people are still running things.

Career bureaucrats in the health departments really let us down, in nearly every country. Taiwan and bloggers spotted the danger easily enough and urged actions that proved correct in retrospect. But our complacent political class weren’t paying attention.