Coronavirus Australia: Marise Payne right to reject threats from Beijing’s envoy

Coronavirus Australia: Marise Payne right to reject threats from Beijing’s envoy, by Greg Sheridan.

The Foreign Minister’s tough remarks came on the same day a senior official from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade called in China’s envoy, Cheng Jingye, to rebuke him for the tone and stridency of his frequent comments interfering in Australian politics.

Senator Payne doubled down on her call for an independent inquiry into the pandemic’s outbreak, saying it had produced “an unprecedented global crisis with severe health, economic and social impacts”. …

The Chinese threat:

In reported comments, Mr Cheng described the Morrison government’s proposal for an inquiry as “dangerous” and accused Canberra of pandering to US instructions. He said Chinese people were upset with Australia and if the trend continued they could decide not to come as tourists or students, and not eat Australian beef or drink Australian wine. Any such boycott would only be effective if led by the Chinese government.

Our response:

Senator Payne responded bluntly. In remarks supplied to The Australian, she said: “We reject any suggestion that economic coercion is an appropriate response to a call for such an assessment, when what we need is global co-operation.”

The Morrison government has been unhappy for some time at the aggressive posture and hectoring of Mr Cheng, and his activist deputy, Wang Xining, whose remarks are often intimidatory in tone and cross over into interfering in Australian politics. This tone is most likely adopted on Beijing’s instructions. …

Chinese arrogance and bullying:

In his memoirs launched last week, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says the Chinese undertake much more espionage than anyone else and don’t care if they get caught.

Australia to China: Don’t Push Us on COVID-19, Mate. By Jim Treacher.

Not everyone is cowed by China. Not our friends down under, certainly. …

China is pulling a neat trick here:

  1. Unleash deadly plague on the world
  2. Lie about it, destroy evidence, and silence whistleblowers
  3. Threaten to boycott anybody who correctly blames you for hundreds of thousands of deaths and global economic ruin

And why not? Why wouldn’t they keep doing what they’re doing? China’s friends in the “American” press are more than happy to help. They pass along the Chinese government’s lies without any hint of skepticism, and try to shame anyone who doesn’t happily whistle the same tune as we’re marched to the abbatoir. Maybe these “journalists” have been bought off. Maybe they’ve been coerced. Maybe they just hate America. Maybe it’s all three. Whatever the case, they don’t care about their audience. They work for China now.

China did this. If you think that’s racist, you’re out of your damn mind and I don’t care what you say about me. Glad the Aussies feel the same way. And the Brits aren’t taking this lying down either. This Chinese virus almost killed Boris Johnson, and now he’s very cross indeed. The only people who aren’t glad he’s okay are Chinese communists and Western leftists. But then, they’re one and the same.

Kudos, Aussies! China can kill you, but they can’t make you lie.

Why would anyone possibly be against an independent inquiry into an episode that killed hundreds of thousands of people, infected many millions, and caused trillions of dollars of economic damage? Can’t imagine.