If Half The Country’s Deaths Were In Montana, Would New York Shut Down?

If Half The Country’s Deaths Were In Montana, Would New York Shut Down? By Denis Prager.

More than half (52%) of all deaths in America have occurred in the New York metropolitan area. …

Now let us imagine that the reverse were true. Imagine that Georgia and North Carolina — two contiguous states that, like the New York metro area, have a combined total of 21 million people — had 18,690 COVID-19 deaths, while metro New York had 858 deaths (the number of deaths in North Carolina and Georgia combined).

Do you think the New York metro area would close its schools, stores, restaurants and small businesses? Would every citizen of the New York area, with the few exceptions of those engaged in absolutely necessary work, be locked in their homes for months? Would New Yorkers accept the decimation of their economic and social lives because North Carolina and Georgia (or, even more absurdly, Colorado, Montana or the rest of what most New Yorkers regard as “flyover” country) had 18,960 deaths, while they had a mere 858? …

The media is New York-based and New York-centered. New York is America. The rest of the country, with the partial exception of Los Angeles (also a media center) and Silicon Valley, is an afterthought.

Saul Steinberg’s famous 1976 “View of the World from Ninth Avenue” cover of The New Yorker

We have a similar effect in Sydney. The Australian media is Sydney-based and Sydney-centered. And where are the most COVID infections in Australia? Sydney.