The world watches Australia and NZ tracking to zero — can we extinguish Coronavirus?

The world watches Australia and NZ tracking to zero — can we extinguish Coronavirus? By Joanne Nova.

Soon after isolation began, Australian and New Zealand cases started to fall as fast as they rose

This is what Crushing the Curve looks like, and if works it will set the new standard, and change the way the rest of the world views this.  It isn’t over yet, but still – something is working and the international press has just started to get excited. …

Australia has 25 million people and found just 18 new cases yesterday. New Zealand with 5 million people, got five new cases. Obviously these numbers look great from the US and UK where 700 people are dying every day.

Daily Mail, UK:

Australia is steamrolling the curve!
[The] Nation records just 17 cases in one day – including three states with ZERO infections – as the country’s road to ending lockdown is revealed

New York Times:

“Vanquish the Virus? Australia and New Zealand Aim to Show the Way”
Both nations are now reporting just a handful of new infections each day, down from hundreds in March, and they are converging toward an extraordinary goal: completely eliminating the virus from their island nations.

This is my kind of man:

Dr. Michael Baker, a physician and professor at the University of Otago in Wellington, became a prominent voice outside the government pushing for elimination of the virus, not just its suppression.

He argued that New Zealand, an island nation with a limited number of cases, should think of the virus more like measles than influenza — something that should be made to disappear, with rare exceptions.

One man like this may have saved thousands of lives. In other nations a random pick of the loudest expert in the room may have produced an expert fan of the dreadful herd-immunity plans. Great leaders must take the blame for not picking the right expert, but some leaders got a head start. …

Read Crush the Curve, nothing has changed. We use hard borders to keep the virus out until there is a treatment or vaccine or the virus learns to act nicely. …

Australia is already talking to New Zealand about reconnecting flights at some point. Fantastic.

With hard state borders, Australia can open in sections. The NT … is there already. Schools are opening. In the giant state of WA, there are smaller sub regions with hard borders. That means rural areas might not have to wait for the big cities to open up their local economy.

These virus-free “clean zones” will grow and the infected zones will shrink.

Imagine if Australia had closed it borders in February when Joanne and I suggested it. All that sickness and the lockdown here would have been avoided, at the cost of closed borders which we have incurred anyway. By now we would be free, the economy and schools would have been almost normal without disruption, and tourists from around the world would be clamoring to come to the virus-free islands down under (after tests and a week’s quarantine of course).