The virus has also laid waste to the woke zeitgeis

The virus has also laid waste to the woke zeitgeist, by Kerry Wakefield.

A week ago an Instagram post from #ChicksOnRight made me smile: ‘I notice the press is saying how many males and females are getting the virus. It’s amazing how all the other 57 genders aren’t getting it.’

Yet only a few days later, that post has already lost impact and seems dated. Transgender and identity issues, once so prominent, have vanished from the headlines, now that we have life-threatening problems to worry about. To my infinite surprise, I have in these plague days found myself quoting V.I. Lenin: ‘There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.’

Just like that, an era has ended in these past weeks, and not with a bang or a whimper, but in the silence of a near-global lockdown. The elites’ globalist party is over for now and the world that emerges from the Wuhan pandemic seems unlikely to be business as before. Too much damage has been done, too many truths have been unmasked, too many people have been hurt across the globe. …

Our society … had reached an unprecedented level of affluence pre-virus, in which daily life grew increasingly insulated from long-held truths and brutal realities, the welfare safety net buffering the deserving and the non-deserving alike from failure, and allowing a froth and bubble of nonsense to dominate our media. Many thought the worst issues humans faced were the fantastical imaginings of climate catastrophe, which pronouns were to be used, what gender children should choose, how many coloured people should sit on boards and so on.

As the vernacular has it, things just got real.