Facebook bans anti-lockdown posts and groups

Facebook bans anti-lockdown posts and groups, by Georgia Wells.

Facebook is banning posts and groups promoting anti-lockdown protests that don’t comply with US government health restrictions, as organizers of those events seek to recruit new members on social media.

Dozens of protests have taken place in recent days, with participants complaining of shelter-in-place restrictions and pushing for state governments to allow more freedom to return to normal activities. Most of the events have been relatively small, but have drawn outside attention on social media as the debate about when and how to reopen the economy becomes increasingly political. …

“Or we all die of virus” is the new wrapping

Facebook’s prohibition doesn’t explicitly target posts promoting anti-lockdown protests; rather the company said it is barring content that advocates for in-person gatherings that don’t follow government health guidance. A spokeswoman for the social media giant said it is also taking down claims designed to discourage treatment for coronavirus infection or taking appropriate precautions against its spread.

hat-tip Stephen Neil