Morrison wants national surveillance of us

Morrison wants national surveillance of us, by Andrew Bolt.

Just 36 new infections in the past 24 hours and we now need a national surveillance program?

Some people in Canberra need to go outside and clear their heads. Maybe smell the air of freedom. There is a collective hysteria in play. …

Think: when the economy is on its knees a year from now, will voters thank it for keeping deaths to under 200 or resent it for wildly overreacting?

And when millions of Australians have been lavished with socialist-style welfare for months, will they want the Liberals or Labor in charge of keeping the good times going?

Remember Liberals: Winston Churchill won the war but lost the election.

The coronavirus contact-tracing app which is currently under development will not be mandatory (thanks goodness!) according to Scott Morrison.

hat-tip Stephen Neil