Malcolm Turnbull Wanted the Left-Wing Guardian

Malcolm Turnbull Wanted the Left-Wing Guardian, by Simon Benson.

The former Liberal leader also claims to have been the mastermind behind the creation of an Australian version of the left-wing news site The Guardian, urging its UK boss to set up in Australia, brokering its funding and also being instrumental in appointing two senior press gallery journalists, Lenore Taylor and Katharine Murphy, to run its editorial direction out of Canberra.

Mr Turnbull admits that he would have personally funded the project himself, which would have required $20m, but couldn’t because he was a politician.

“Given my political role, I could hardly participate myself but I knew someone who would,” Mr Turnbull writes. He then retells the story of how he approached businessman Graeme Wood, who was on “the political left” and had been a generous donor to the Greens, and persuaded him to “use his fortune to bankroll an Australian edition of The Guardian”.

Mr Turnbull admits that even The Guardian then “rarely ­endorsed my or my government’s policies”. At the same time, he repeats his claims that the loss of his leadership was not the result of his own political failings but a conspiracy of “the right-wing thugs” with the complicity of conservative media, including The Australian and Sky News.

Amazing fellow. Odd that he should have led the Liberal Party.