Lockdown eliminating other contagious illnesses big-time

Lockdown eliminating other contagious illnesses big-time, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

Throughout February and into March, I beat the drums about our total failure to test anyone. The reason we needed to test back then was because the coronavirus was hiding amongst people who had normal flu and other previously existing and less deadly viruses.

The situation with testing is totally different now. Based on the U.S. health map from Kinsa we see that we’ve almost eliminated all contagious illnesses.

Kinsa’s observations of the influenza-like illness level in the U.S., in orange and red, against expectatons based on coming out of winter, in blue. To April 13.

Normally, at this time of the year, approximately 2.41% of the population is sick with something that would show up in the Kinsa data, but that is now down to 0.17%. And probably, most of the 0.17% have the coronavirus because it’s the most contagious virus out there. Enforced and voluntary social distancing has eliminated more illnesses than just the coronavirus.

And of course traffic accidents and workplace deaths are also way down. All cause mortality — aside from COVID deaths — is down substantially as we lock down.