Donald Trump Berates ‘Politically Correct’ WHO, Orders Hold on Funding

Donald Trump Berates ‘Politically Correct’ WHO, Orders Hold on Funding, by Charlie Spiering.

President Donald Trump ordered a hold on funds sent to the World Health Organization Tuesday, demanding that they answer for their failures to properly warn the world about the coronavirus.

The president criticized the WHO for criticizing his travel ban on China during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The WHO’s attack on travel restrictions put political correctness above life-saving measures,” Trump said. …

“We spend $500 million a year,” Trump said, noting that China only spent $30-$40 million.

He noted that the WHO played a role in “mismanaging and covering up” the spread of the coronavirus around the world.

“The WHO pushed China’s misinformation about the virus, saying it was not communicable and there was no need for travel bans,” he said. …

The WHO’s reliance on China’s disclosures likely caused a twenty-fold of cases worldwide, and it may be much more than that,” he said.

Chinese puppet to lose US funding

Unfortunately Scott Morrison and other western leaders aren’t following suit. Only Trump has cut support so far. The WHO failed spectacularly in its one big job, and became a mouthpiece for the Communist Party of China. So don’t give it any money.

The onus should be on the ABC and the Guardian to explain why they support corrupted organizations like the WHO. More jobs for their leftist mates? Part of the worldwide socialist ideal? Too much bureaucracy is never enough? Perhaps, but the WHO is expensive and positively harmful, so cut off its funding.

hat-tip Stephen Neil