COVID-19: China Goes for the Win

COVID-19: China Goes for the Win, by Mark Simon.

The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) controls 1.4 billion people. Going along with that mass of population is the largest consumer market in the world, the strongest military in Asia, and an aggressive foreign policy. The CCP is not going to get dragged into some US District Court or even the Hague to explain how they screwed up and sent a killer virus into our midst. The CCP doesn’t care for the rule of law at home or abroad and they have the muscle not to care.

It’s always depressing to see people lecture the CCP, not because the CCP or all of China doesn’t need a good talking to, but because it always reminds me of some 23 year old Ivy League graduate explaining to a street thug why that street thug punching him in the face and taking his wallet lacks moral clarity. …

Chinese propaganda is not about winning friends, it’s about letting all know the consequences if the CCP is not happy. Why is China controlling the export of masks? More efficient distribution or quality control? Of course not, it’s about rewarding lackeys and punishing those who stand firm.

Virus allowing China to overtake the US?

The Coronavirus may well provide China the opportunity to leap over the US to become the world’s leading economy, as Xi pushes to engage China’s economic engine while the West stalls. …

Every place but China is closed. Bangladesh is out. India and Turkey have largely shut shop. Across the world, if you want an order filled it’s highly probable that a vendor in China is the only one open to fill it.

And if the virus came out of the Chinese biowarfare lab in Wuhan, as seems probable, suspicions must linger. Are we in another a Cold War?