US Deciding Whether To Blame Trump or China

US Deciding Whether To Blame Trump or China, by Rick Moran.

Easter Sunday has been “Blame Trump” Day around the world. The New York Times has three separate stories claiming Trump knew how bad things were going to get and blew the response. The Guardian, Der Speigel, and the Associated Press are all piling on the president for his poor and late response to the pandemic.

But odds are, there wouldn’t even be a pandemic if China hadn’t delayed and if China had been transparent. It is becoming horrifyingly clear, day by day, that China could have nipped this pandemic in the bud. But their paranoia and overwhelming desire not to get blamed for the virus’s origination led to their hiding the facts not just from their own people, but from the entire world.

That included allowing their citizens to travel. It’s believed that more than 450,000 Chinese traveled to the U.S. since January — a recipe for disaster.

As Dr. Fauci said on Fox News, it was China that blew it. …

In all the stories about Trump’s failures, there is nothing on Chinese lies skewing our responses. “Trump should have known” is a political theme that has little to do with reality. Intelligence agencies point to various reports and briefings they gave Trump but the fact is, they were as much in the dark as everyone else and their analysts downplayed the severity of the crisis just like everyone else.

It was the Chinese who knew. And no amount of political finger-pointing will ever change that.