Navarro memos reveal White House war over coronavirus response: Bannon

Navarro memos reveal White House war over coronavirus response: Bannon, by Mark Moore.

Leaked memos from White House trade adviser Peter Navarro warning of mass coronavirus death in the US were written in a desperate bid to get President Trump’s attention as officials concerned of a fallout with China tried to block Navarro’s efforts, The Post has learned.

The two memos — one dated Jan. 29 and circulated to White House staff and the other dated Feb. 23 and addressed to Trump — warned that the coronavirus outbreak in China could ultimately kill more than half a million Americans and cost nearly $6 trillion, according to several reports.

So US leadership were partially aware in time, but did nothing.

I wonder what the situation was in Australia, while February ticked complacently by and the leadership failed to close the borders, thereby allowing this great harm to be done to us.

It gets worse:

Navarro publicly said Americans had ‘nothing to worry about’ while privately warning coronavirus could cost lives and dollars. By Em Steck.

But Navarro, a frequent surrogate for President Donald Trump and his administration on television, continued to present a far more optimistic message in public, CNN’s KFile found after reviewing Navarro’s interviews, statements and writings.

In the January 29 memo, Navarro wrote that the “increasing probability of a full-blown COVID-19 pandemic” could infect as many as 100 million Americans and kill “as many as 1-2 million souls.” That same day — in which the coronavirus task force was also formed — Navarro made no mention of the possibility when asked a question about the impact of the coronavirus while appearing on CNBC …

At a press gaggle on February 24, Navarro assured that coronavirus was “nothing to worry about for the American people” under Trump’s leadership. …

Spin, spin, spin:

At the White House coronavirus briefing Tuesday, Trump said he didn’t know about Navarro’s memos until a few days ago and still hadn’t read it.

“He wrote a memo and he was right and I haven’t seen the memo,” the President said. “I will see it later on, after this. But it didn’t matter whether I saw or not, because I acted on my own. I guess I had the same instincts as Peter.”

How the West is run.