Twisted passion of the anti-Catholics on show in Pell case

Twisted passion of the anti-Catholics on show in Pell case, by Brendan O’Neill.

I want you to carry out a thought experiment. Imagine if it were discovered that some men of the Muslim faith had engaged in awful acts of abuse. Imagine if these men drugged, assaulted and raped girls across a period of years. Imagine if they had treated the girls as their personal property.

Do you think the left-leaning media would demonise the men as evil and even satanic? Do you think commentators would appear on television to opine about Islam and its allegedly warped abusive culture? Do you think, in short, we would see the same kind of fury aimed at those men as we have seen in relation to Cardinal George Pell when he was wrongly convicted of child abuse?

Would the Twitterati tweet for months on end about the wickedness of these Muslim men, as they have done with Pell?

Would someone take it upon themselves to daub a mosque with anti-Islamic slogans along the lines of the anti-Catholic bigotry that was spray-painted on to the door of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne following the quashing of Pell’s conviction?

Would the supposedly progressive sections of society turn a blind eye to such foul mosque desecration, as they largely did in relation to the hateful anti-Catholicism painted on to St Patrick’s? “Rot in Hell, Pell”, the graffiti said — a disgusting anti-Catholic hate crime.

Yet the kind of people who obsess over such “offences” as failing to use the correct pronouns for the 71 genders that apparently exist have been fairly quiet about this act of anti-Catholic bigotry.

We know the answers to the questions above. We know that the kind of people who have been most exercised about the “evilness” of Pell would not react in the same way if it had been Muslim men accused of abuse.

We know this because this isn’t a thought experiment at all. It’s real life. It has already happened.

Here in Britain, there has been a serious problem with grooming gangs during the past 10 years. These gangs, mostly made up of Pakistani Muslim men, have abused large numbers of mostly white working-class girls. …

Leftist hypocrisy:

Even that term “Catholic abuse” is striking. In relation to grooming gangs, anyone who says “Muslim grooming gangs” is shouted down and demonised as a racist. Yet the people who rage against public discussion of problems within the Muslim community will happily talk about Catholic abuse and Catholic crimes. …

Here’s the thing: that is what the supposedly virtuous left does in relation to Catholicism.

They take historic instances of abuse and use them to demonise Catholicism, and even innocent men such as Pell, as demonic and disgusting. This is every bit as bigoted as when a hard-right idiot uses the problem of grooming gangs to say that Islam’s followers are all inherently suspect.

It’s not anti-Catholic this time, like it was in Britain for the last five hundred years. Now it’s anti-Christian. The left hates the politics of Jesus, which have underpinned western society for most of the last two thousand years.