Joe Biden stands up for China

Joe Biden stands up for China, by Paul Mirengoff. An ad by the Republicans says what the media refuse to say:

The video reminds us that Biden attacked the travel bans President Trump imposed early on as “xenophobic.” Dr. Fauci appears in the video to state the obvious — the travel ban on China was clearly the right call. (By labeling such bans “xenophobic,” Biden demonstrated that he doesn’t know what the word means. The ban was imposed because many Chinese had been infected by the virus, not because Trump dislikes Chinese people.)

Biden now says he backs the China travel ban. But he attacked travel bans in mid-March. Apparently, it took him until the beginning of April to come around. Trump imposed the China ban in January. …

The Democrats could hardly have picked a worse candidate than Joe Biden to carry their flag on the Wuhan coronavirus, which is likely to be the biggest issue for voters in this year’s election.