How ‘Triggerism’ Replaced Facts and Logic on Islam

How ‘Triggerism’ Replaced Facts and Logic on Islam, by Raymond Ibrahim.

One upon a time, whenever two or more parties disagreed, the logical thing for them to do was debate: It was not enough to say “I’m right and you’re wrong” (unless they were children). The winner of the debate was the one who could better substantiate their position, that is, the one whose position better accorded with reality.

Today, the one side that is wrong about virtually everything, the liberal left, has forgone argumentation, and even sophistry, precisely because it cannot contend with those armed with facts. It has, instead, relied on conditioning its adherents to react to so-called “trigger” words and concepts — never mind if those words and concepts accord with reality or not.

This was impressed upon me during the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) and Linda Sarsour’s, and their leftist dupes’, failed attempts to cancel my recent talk at the US Army War College. In their protests, they didn’t quote me saying something and then, even in a few words, intimating how it was wrong; the ideas I conveyed were wrong per se. Consider the following lengthy excerpt from CAIR’s last press release against me. Note how it doesn’t bother—even with the usual two-bit sophistry—to prove how my positions are wrong; just having them is the proof:

When Ibrahim was asked, “Is there any chance of an accommodation between Islam and Western societies or this is just wishful thinking?,” he replied, “Can water and oil mix?”

He also stated: “[Islam] is entirely built on the purported teachings of a seventh century Arab—who for all accounts acted like a seventh century Arab, meaning tribal and uncivilized. Obviously, if this man was a false prophet—a liar—which is the default, non-Muslim position, then it should be unsurprising that the entire worldview his followers follow, which is tribal and uncivilized, is creating a constant clash with other civilizations.”

Also: “[T]he hate for Christians and other non-Muslims, including secularists/atheists in the West, did not begin with ISIS, al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Sharia, Boko Haram, or Al Shabaab. It began with Muhammad and his companions, 1,400 years ago.”

While I’m under no illusions that such quotes instantly “trigger” the typical leftist automaton, they also just so happen to be demonstrably true.

A perfect example of the modern left, promoting a dangerous fantasy without even arguing it is true.

The left promotes a series of fantasies that help it in its quest for more power and to achieve its policy positions. Those political fantasies are what is promoted by political correctness, which is merely a mechanism or set of tactics. To blaspheme against these leftist fantasies is to invite social blacklisting, rudeness and spite from anyone on the left, public criticism with no recourse in the media, cancelling, being stuck on a global blacklist, and so on. It’s tribal.

The modern left say that there is no such thing as truth, thereby abandoning the constraint of reality. They just say whatever is convenient at the time. Postmodern and power hungry, just like Lenin. And look where Lenin’s tribalism led.