Perhaps solve the other pandemic: Vitamin D deficiency — to help beat Coronavirus?

Perhaps solve the other pandemic: Vitamin D deficiency — to help beat Coronavirus? By Joanne Nova.

After masks and soap, the next bargain to reduce the impact of coronavirus is Vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D deficiency is so common it’s an epidemic affecting a billion people around the world. Ponder that half the population of many western nations are clinically deficient by the end of winter. Add that to a novel virus and consider that higher Vitamin D levels reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections like influenza by as much as 40%.

As Grant et al say:

“Low vitamin D status in winter permits viral epidemics.”

Vitamin D levels also correlate with lower rates of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, dental caries, preeclampsia, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Vitamin D influences over 200 genes.

It’s so crucial, it was likely the reason northern Europeans evolved whiter skin. The lack of sunlight and the introduction of grains in diets (as opposed to eating liver and whales) meant that Europeans weren’t getting enough D from either food or sun. The selective pressure was so strong that lighter skin rapidly took over all the northern communities. Eskimos didn’t need to go white — they were still getting D from offal and plenty of fish.

Unlike most vitamins, D is also correlated with “that holy grail” —  a reduction in all-cause mortality. So even if a D supplement doesn’t help against coronavirus, side effects include less cancer and fewer heart attacks. Not too shabby for a five cent supplement. …

Vitamin D … is probably one of the main reasons that coughs and colds and death itself, almost always peak in winter when people have lower vitamin D levels. Of course, winter is also a happy-hour for most viruses because temperatures are cooler and people crowd indoors more.

Researchers Grant et al, put out a call for people to supplement with D during this pandemic, pointing out that this will reduce the incidence of the co-morbidities that are hit hardest by Coronavirus. They also point out that D reduces respiratory tract infections, and is actively involved in our own anti-viral defences in at least three different ways. …

People with low levels of vitamin D are more than 2.5 times as much at risk of developing pneumonia than people with high vitamin D levels.

Temperature doesn’t affect the spread of virus. Flu is worse in winter because we get less sunshine and become deficient in vitamin D, which lowers our immunity.

Skin color, melatonin, and vitamin D. Source: Wenyue Zou, RMIT

This has racial implications, which the identity-politics demagogues are trying to exploit while maximizing confusion and denying some truths. White people evolved white skins in order to make more vitamin D in the weak sunshine of northern climes. Brown and black people living in areas of lower sunlight are often deficient in vitamin-D, which makes them more prone to a range of diseases, including COVID-19.