How New York Governor Andrew Cuomo became the pin-up boy of COVID-19?

How New York Governor Andrew Cuomo became the pin-up boy of COVID-19? By Miranda Devine.

When the going gets tough, it turns out women want the patriarchy after all.

In the middle of New York’s devastating pandemic crisis, the famously macho governor Andrew Cuomo has become the new pin-up boy of quarantined females.

He has won plaudits from anxious New Yorkers across the board as a decisive leader telling the unvarnished truth in televised near-daily press briefings, peppered with death tolls and grim charts.

But his presence on TV has been a reassuring consolation for lonely women quarantined on their couches, for whom the “Luv Guv” may be the only male they encounter all day.

Denise Albert, a 45-year-old Manhattan divorcee told the New York Post last week she finds Cuomo irresistible. …

Before the pandemic, Cuomo, the ex-husband of JFK’s niece Kerry Kennedy, was regarded as a testosterone dinosaur.

His swaggering Italian-American machismo and gruff Queens demeanour was out of fashion in a Democratic party dominated by identity politics, in which straight white males had become public enemy number one.

But imminent peril has a way of reawakening primal imperatives and highlighting the attractions of uncompromising masculine strength and derring-do.

So much for soy boys.