What jihadists are saying about COVID-19

What jihadists are saying about COVID-19, by Steven Stalinsky.

Jihadists and their supporters have been gloating over the health restrictions enacted across the world, especially in the US. “They used to mock women wearing the Islamic niqab — now they are doing the same. We ridicule you like you ridiculed us,” reads a typical post, dated March 17, on the jihadist al Tawhid Awalan channel on Telegram, the encrypted messaging app. The statement accompanied a photo of Westerners in layers of protective clothing.

Many jihadists are cheering the virus on. Balagh, a monthly magazine published out of Idlib, Syria, by clerics with al Qaeda sympathies, calls the virus “one of Allah’s soldiers”: the “corona-soldier.” This is a popular theme. …

Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi, the prominent Jordan-based sheik and spiritual mentor of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the man who founded the al Qaeda offshoot that would later become ISIS, posted a series of messages on Telegram about the pandemic’s “hidden benefits” for Muslim societies. These include the closing of bars and nightclubs, and that more women are covering their faces with niqabs to protect from the virus.

Most recently he added, “There is nothing wrong with a Muslim praying for the deaths of infidels and wishing that they contract coronavirus.”

Lovely. What a shame the lockdown prevents us from importing more people like this to come and live with us.

hat-tip Stephen Neil