How Long Will the Lockdowns Last?

How Long Will the Lockdowns Last? By Tucker Carlson. Excellent piece. One of the few commentators at Fox who was awake to the problem early, and is reasonably balanced and open to the various pressures.

There is some hope the US pandemic is peaking now, though it is currently dominated by NY and may spread elsewhere:

In Australia we seem to be past the peak, though watch out for a second peak if community transmission is significant and takes over from incoming passengers as the main source of infection:

Note that the total (known) cases in Australia are below 10,000. Herd immunity requires about 70% of the population to have it, or about 17 million. Not there, not even remotely close. So, new cases are not falling off because of herd immunity, but because we closed the borders and locked down. This is crushing the curve.

Reopen the Australian economy soon? Maybe only weeks away.