British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care, by Danica Kirka.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to the intensive care unit of a London hospital after his coronavirus symptoms dramatically worsened Monday, just a day after he was admitted for what were said to be routine tests. …

The 55-year-old Conservative was conscious and did not require ventilation, but he was moved into intensive care in case he needs it later, his office said in a statement.

UCL Professor Warns Johnson Will “Very Likely” Be Placed On A Ventilator, by Tyler Durden.

A professor of medical imaging at University College London warned that it’s “very likely” Johnson will be placed on a ventilator. … Patients’ life expectancy drops dramatically once placed on a ventilator.

It will also render him unable to govern, as he will need to be placed in a medically-induced coma. …

Even in the most sophisticated hospitals in the world, once a patient is placed on a ventilator, their chances of survival shrink dramatically. NPR reminds us that most patients placed on a ventilator “still die” (mortality rates can soar to 80%, or higher, for the most high-risk patients). Ventilators can also increase the likelihood that a patient develops a dangerous secondary bacterial infection like we described below. These types of secondary infections are often what ultimately what kills a high-risk patient. …

Johnson is being treated at an undisclosed London Hospital (the identity is being kept secret for his protection).

Just like the flu, the Chinese told us. And some of us believed them at first!