The Big Brother Purge of Conservative Christians in Australia

The Big Brother Purge of Conservative Christians in Australia, by Bill Muehlenberg.

A doctor with a wife and two young children has been suspended by the MBA [Medical Board of Australia], and has been out of work for nearly eight months now. His crime? Was he caught raping a patient, or stealing medicines, or fiddling with the books?

No, he did something much, much worse in the eyes of the MBA: he dared to post his point of view on his own private Facebook page, and even worse, he actually posted comments on my website, CultureWatch. Yes, several hundred of his comments appeared on my site over the past decade or so.

He said things which we are no longer able to say in Australia it seems, things like: marriage is between a man and a woman; doctors should be saving life, not killing; children have a right to be raised by their own mother and father; and radical political Islam is something we must take seriously.

For saying verboten things like that, the MBA has decided that he is now public enemy No. 1, and he MUST be punished severely. And keep in mind the details of this shocking case. No complaints were ever made by any of his patients or by his colleagues. He was fully professional in his work, and he treated all of his patients with dignity and respect.

But some militant(s) had been trawling both Facebook and my site, and discovered his unforgiveable remarks. This guy (or girl) made a stink, and the MBA immediately started the inquisition. They hired lawyers (and wasted a lot of money to do so) to go through every single one of my articles on my website, coming up with thousands of pages of printed documents with any and all comment he had made. …

The complaints made against him have been all by anonymous complainants. He does not know how many were made, or who made them, or why. They do not seem to be from any of his patients. …

He seems to have been loved and respected by all his patients. However, for nine months the MBA was investigating Dr Kok, without even telling him! When they finally did tell him, they sent him a ‘please explain’ letter.

As mentioned, they simply trawled through his posts on Facebook and on my website, including issues such as the vote ‘no’ campaign on homosexual marriage. For that the MBA has treated him like a pariah, someone who is no longer able to treat patients! …

As a result, since August 19, 2019, he has been without work.

Diversity of opinion and free speech are strongly discouraged on issues that the PC mob take an interest in. Instead, we get propaganda, often funded or led by the state. Not the way to make sensible decisions, but it is the way to implement leftist ideology.

In climate change, I’m on a global blacklist for pointing out that the climate models get the upper troposphere backwards. This is kind of important, because half the heat the planet radiates to space is radiated by the upper troposphere. As the planet warms due to increasing carbon dioxide, the orthodoxy says the upper troposphere emits less heat to space. In fact, the empirical evidence is pretty overwhelming that the opposite occurs. The orthodoxy is entirely based on theoretical reasoning, but I’ve found the error in the orthodox theory. But is anyone interested? Everyone runs a mile. Imagine the millions and attention that would be thrown at that in a perfect world. Here I sit with knowledge worth trillions, and no one is interested because it’s not PC.

hat-tip Stephen Neil