New Law Gives Sweeping Powers To Hungary’s Orban

New Law Gives Sweeping Powers To Hungary’s Orban, by Joanna Kakissis.

The nationalist government in Hungary passed a law Monday granting sweeping emergency powers that Prime Minister Viktor Orban says are necessary to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Those powers include sidelining parliament and giving Orban the power to rule by decree indefinitely. The law would punish those who spread false information about the pandemic with up to five years in prison. …

No end date for this dictatorship:

During Monday’s vote, [Orban] said: “When this emergency ends, we will give back all powers, without exception.”

But critics insist that Orban is using the pandemic to grab power.

History is pretty clear that this model of governance often leads to major problems. It’s hardly world’s best practice, at least not since Ancient Rome.