Let’s All Get Comfortable With Saying Bad Things About China Now

Let’s All Get Comfortable With Saying Bad Things About China Now, by Stephen Kruiser.

The already awful American mainstream media [have] … routinely scolded anyone who accurately refers to the virus as being of Chinese origin, screaming “RACISM!” as if they were getting paid each time they uttered or typed the word.

What has been most insidious has been the parroting of whatever China reports about the virus. Almost everyone in American media has been acting as ChiCom public relations lackeys, taking everything that the Chinese government says and passing it along without questioning any of it.

Victoria wrote yesterday about a new report that confirms what sane people have known all along: the Chinese commies were lying. They were lying about the total number of coronavirus cases and they were lying about the total number of deaths. This obviously would have had an impact on the response of other nations. …

I hope we emerge from all of this with the clear realization that our relationship with China has to change. We can no longer cozy up to them because they play that weird, hybrid capitalist/communist game of theirs.

China is still a totalitarian communist monster and should be viewed as a threat to the United States, not an exotic business partner. The U.S. military has long viewed it as such, it’s time for the rest of us to get on board.

They cheat, lie, and steal technology. Now they’ve made us shut down our economies through their lying and spreading the disease. Cooperative and good world citizens they are not. They spy on us, and interfere in our domestic politics. They treat their own citizens badly, especially meditators, Christians, Muslims, dissidents, etc. — pssst, cheap organs for sale. There just isn’t much that’s good about communism, either for its own citizens or for anyone else.