Sydney elites in coronavirus isolation lash out at ‘dobbers’

Sydney elites in coronavirus isolation lash out at ‘dobbers’, by Miranda Devine.

Half of the confirmed cases in NSW are in the eastern suburbs and north shore, and similar clusters appear in wealthy Melbourne suburbs.

Clusters have emerged from A-listers returning from ski trips to Aspen and Vail, Colorado, flying in the first-class cabins of Qantas and Virgin, and sailing on luxury cruise ships.

Four Sydney couples are believed to have tested positive to COVID-19 after having returned to the eastern suburbs from a ski trip to a luxury resort in Vail Colorado.

Another nine Australians tested positive after returning to Melbourne from a ski trip in Aspen at the end of the American winter. None are believed to have become seriously ill, if they had symptoms at all.

In a list of COVID-19 affected flights into Sydney this month, on the NSW health department website, a preponderance of seats pinpointed were in first class and business class.

But since the jetsetters’ return they have been accused by their own friends and neighbours of flouting the rules of self-isolation, of attending parties, going shopping or sending their children to school.

“They think the rules don’t apply to them,” said one furious parent at private Rose Bay school Kincoppal. …

Friends are furious at reports that one couple attended a Geelong Grammar cocktail party in Toorak at which five guests later tested positive and that someone else attended a 21st party at which six guests were infected.

In Perth, the cases are mainly in the wealthier western suburbs. At least when this set get it, the political class pays attention.