Now Trump says it’s wrong to compare coronavirus to regular flu

Now Trump says it’s wrong to compare coronavirus to regular flu, by AFP.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the risk from coronavirus is emphatically worse than regular flu, reversing his previous statements.

Trump told a White House press conference that “a lot of people” had previously suggested the country should simply let the coronavirus take its course, just like the seasonal flu.

“Ride it out, don’t do anything, just ride it out and think of it as the flu,” they said, according to Trump, who said: “But it’s not the flu. It is vicious.

Trump’s clear statement contrasted with numerous recent times when he made the argument himself that the pandemic was comparable to the annual spread of flu.

Yep, he moved onto stage 3 of understanding, namely “crush the curve” or “short and sharp.” Stage 1 of herd immunity and stage 2 of flatten the curve have both been discarded because their medical and economic costs respectively are unnecessarily high.

Commentators who analyze the situation as a dichotomy between herd immunity and flatten-the-curve are irrelevant and misleading, because neither of these strategies are being pursued in the West or in the Asian countries that are beating the virus.