The Three Stages of Understanding the Coronavirus

The Three Stages of Understanding the Coronavirus, by David Evans. To summarize:

So, for our health and our economy, stay home for the next three weeks.

Too many people see step 1, check out step 2, but then turn back to step 1 because killing the economy seems worse than some unspecified number of dead and injured. As if there were only two choices. They are then left quibbling over exactly how many might die or be severely sick, trying to downplay the numbers.

Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison, Justin Trudeau, and Jacinta Ardern are all now at stage 3. It’s pretty much inevitable.

Of course, they were all too slow getting there. As we advocated in February, closing the borders would have saved us this pain. Imagine if we were virus free because we had closed the borders — as we inevitably did anyway — back in February. Because no one in the media nor politics can see any advantage  in asking why the borders weren’t closed in time — after all, they were all too slow, too complacent, and not paying attention — no one is asking the obvious question publicly. This virus has revealed that we are ruled by incompetents. What will test us next, Joseph?

South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and now Japan are succeeding in crushing the curve.