Study: Women more likely to vote for parties that celebrities, friends, and mass culture approve of

Study: Women more likely to vote for parties that celebrities, friends, and mass culture approve of, by Christoffer.

Many often wonder why support for national populist parties is much higher among men than it is for women, despite women being affected by mass immigration-related problems just as much, if not more so, than men are.

Scientists at four European universities — Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Bergan, and Aarhus — have investigated why this is the case, and have concluded that much of it has to do with women being more fearful to deviate from culturally accepted norms. …

Interestingly enough, the scientists found that women and men actually have quite similar opinions when it comes to immigration and other issues, but only when the women taking part in the study did not know which parties the views presented came from. …

It’s entirely possible that because celebrities and the mainstream press are nearly all left-wing or liberal, this makes women much more hesitant to vote for politically incorrect parties than men are. As this study would suggest, men have a much easier time standing up for their views, even when those views are controversial or considered by the mainstream culture to be socially unacceptable.

Swedish debater Erik van Der Heeg, who has read the study, shared his conclusion regarding its findings on Facebook, saying: “Women’s attitude to a party can change very fast when the party passes a certain normalization threshold. Women will then collectively change direction like a group of fishes who swim.”

Young women especially seem more fearful to deviate from the accepted norm.

Not really news for most of us I expect, more confirmation. Women are most interested in social signalling that appeases the authorities.

hat-tip Philip Barton