Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update. First, some insight into the US political split over the virus that has developed due to the polarization and fake media of the last three years:

The stand-out country at the moment is the USA which is paying a terrible price for the apparent downplaying of the virus in its early stages by President Trump, who as recently as February 28th referred to information about the virus incidence in the U.S. as a hoax, and saying the virus would miraculously go away. He also repeated several times that the U.S. had the virus incidence under control, but the lack of testing availability left the information he was no doubt receiving, totally inaccurate. No doubt many Trump believers thus treated any dire warnings of the pandemic as hugely overblown.

Now we are in a situation where the U.S. is the third most affected country in the world and if the virus spread continues at its current rate could even overtake China as the world’s most affected nation within a month or so! New York State alone reports more people testing positive to the virus than all but six countries globally.

In Australia the issue is not politicized, with a both sides of politics working in unison on the issue. Meanwhile, the disease is spreading exponentially in Australia:

(A straight line on a log graph means an exponential increase.)