Where was the media when we needed them?

Where was the media when we needed them? By Joanne Nova.

Remember back in February when the mainstream media was telling us this was “just like the flu”?

They weren’t asking the Health Minister “how many Australians might die” or “why don’t we close the borders”. They didn’t want to know whether the PM had calculated the cost of leaving the borders open? They weren’t estimating how many weeks it would be before we ran out of ICU beds.

Nor were they demanding to know whether Australians could make more medical masks, had enough ventilators, or should be stocking up with weeks to go, so we could avoid last minute shopper panic. Australians were still booking holidays on cruise ships and flights to Bali instead of putting spare toilet paper in the shed.

While the tidal wave was weeks away the media was more concerned about protecting the image of China, not calling this the Wuhan-Flu, and making sure we know how wrong it was to make jokes about not shaking hands of Chinese-Australian doctors. Which is poor taste but hardly a national prime time event. The irony being that now we’re not supposed to shake anyone’s hands anyway.

Australians were blindsided by the incompetent media. That’s why they are panic shopping now.

And now the media still wont ask the borders question — those who sold the country into this mess which could have been so easily avoided. The media doesn’t want to go there because it would be to admit they failed too. They kept it off the table — presumably to stay fashionably aligned with their academic buddies who were shedding tears about 65,000 student cash cows being stuck at home in China.