How Did Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden Screw This Up?

How Did Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden Screw This Up? By Zach Carter over at the left-wing HuffPost.

President Donald Trump has unleashed a humanitarian and economic disaster on his own people. There is no way to escape this fact.

While other places — Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and others — prepared for the coronavirus and took proactive measures to prevent its spread, Trump did nothing.

He dismantled the White House task force responsible for pandemic responses, sat on his hands while the death toll escalated in other countries, called the virus a “hoax,” repeatedly claimed it would “miraculously” go away on its own, downplayed the intensity of the virus by comparing it to the seasonal flu and insisted for months that the situation was “totally under control” while his administration failed even to procure basic tests.

As a result, the United States now faces a domestic crisis unseen since the Great Depression. This is the result of political malpractice, not merely biological bad luck.

But Trump does not have a monopoly on political malpractice. As the crisis has spread, Democratic Party leaders — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden — have either been missing in action or short on solutions. …

One of those centrists, Biden, has now all but sewn up the nomination — and made himself all but invisible as the worst economic and public health crisis in generations has blossomed. …

The coronavirus pandemic should have sounded the death knell for Trumpism as a political project. Democrats have instead given it new life.

You think the Democrats and the US leftwing media are going to let this go? By November, after months of media indoctrination, this might be widely known as “Trump’s virus” in the USA.

The entire political class and the media are indicted by this failure to close the borders fast enough. Popcorn time.