Chloroquine/Malaria/Coronavirus – ‘Stunning’ Correlation Claimed

Chloroquine/Malaria/Coronavirus – ‘Stunning’ Correlation Claimed. By James Delingpole.

The incidence of COVID-19 is dramatically lower in malarial countries than in non-malarial countries, according to one researcher.

The correlation was spotted by Dr Roy Spencer, meteorologist and a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. …

“In all my years of data analysis I have never seen such a stark and strong relationship: Countries with malaria basically have no COVID-19 cases (at least not yet).” …

The most encouraging possibility is that these are countries whose populations have been heavily exposed to the cheap, generic, old-fashioned anti-malarial drug chloroquine phosphate — and that this may have given them a degree of immunity.


Could also just be poor record keeping by the malarial countries. We’ll know soon.