Western Australia on same path as Italy — AMA Head

Western Australia on same path as Italy — AMA Head. By John Flint.

Australian Medical Association WA President Andrew Miller said so far hospitals have had “a couple of suspicious pneumonias but (the doctors) know they’re coming.”

If you look at our curve and whack it onto the New South Wales curve, we’re about eight to 10 days behind them… Every other place in the world follows the same curve.”

“We can estimate there are several hundred in our community at the moment and we know that in a couple of weeks, they’re going to start turning up (at hospitals).

“At first they’ll have difficulty breathing, and we’ll support them a bit. And then in the second week, a bunch of them are going to slide downhill very quickly and end up starting to use the ventilators.

“There’s no reason to believe we’re any different than anywhere else in the world or that we’re going to follow a different path because we’re on exactly the same curve as Italy, exactly the same.

“And we’re not doing any of the things that the countries that are being successful are doing like Hong Kong. …

Dr Miller said the WA Government knew before today’s announcement that community spread was happening. “They’re in a state of disbelief, confusion and chaos,” he said.

The AMA has called for the State’s borders to be closed.

Dr Miller said: “They said, ‘that’s ridiculous, we’re not closing them. And it’s impossible and unnecessary because no one gets infected on a plane’.

“And the next day, the Premier comes out and says, “it should be non-essential travel only, interstate (but) we can’t close the borders, that would require a national agreement that contravenes the constitution.’

“The next day Tasmania closes its borders. They’re full of s**t. You can quote me on that.

It’s all pretty obvious. How come our governments/bureaucrats/political-class are so damned SLOW? Close WA’s borders immediately.

hat-tip Joanne