We Are So F***ing Done With China

We Are So F***ing Done With China, by Kira Davis.

Because this is 2020 and the whole damn world seems to have gone insane overnight, we are now being told that referring to COVID-19 as anything related to China or the Chinese in any way is “racist” and xenophobic or some other bad thing. Even though this virus originated in China. Even though either their food choices or their government is responsible for unleashing this on the globe. …

When this is all over we are f***ing done with China.

Seriously, no more messing around. No more cozying up to Chinese investors (I’m looking at you, Obama). No more handing over vital technology and information to the Chinese government (I’m looking at you, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton). No more back-end deals with Chinese security firms and tech providers (I’m looking at you, Joe Biden). No more Hollywood films made to please the Chinese investors (I’m looking at you, Matt Damon).