Could Hillary Clinton be Joe Biden’s Vice President nominee?

Could Hillary Clinton be Joe Biden’s Vice President nominee? By Miranda Devine.

The Democratic establishment can’t abide socialist populist Bernie Sanders, and they can’t keep Biden in witness protection forever. At some point he’ll be caught without the teleprompter and Hillary plans to be there for the rescue.

She does interviews describing Trump as an “illegitimate president,” and mere “occupant of the Oval Office”.

She finds new excuses every day to explain away her election loss – from the Kremlin, Sanders, misogyny and self-hating women, to her campaign staff and the deplorables.

With a newly wrinkle-free forehead and plumped-up cheeks, she and daughter Chelsea have been pressing the flesh at bookstores with their eponymous The Book of Gutsy Women and the upcoming Grandma’s Gardens. …

Latest spin on Monica:

On Friday, the hagio-documentary, Hillary, premiered on streaming service Hulu. …

In a gobsmacking moment in Episode three, Bill, 73, dismisses his 1995 affair with the 22-year-old White House intern by saying it was something he did “to manage my anxieties.”

Hillary’s response was to go on TV last week and tell Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen how “romantic and sensitive” Bill is. “I will come home sometimes, and he’ll have flowers for me because he knows I’ve had a bad day. He’s really so thoughtful.” …

Toxic sociopath who polarized US politics:

But the greatest insight in the Hulu doco comes when Hillary describes her great defeat in 2016. She was so devastated when she realised Trump had won the election that she lay on her bed in her suite at the five-star Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan, feeling “bewildered and astonished” and later “collapsed in the back of the van”.

Instead of trying to alleviate the anguish of her devoted supporters gathered at the cavernous Javits Center nearby, wearing their ‘I’m With Her’ T-shirts, she refused to make a concession speech, as Barack Obama had urged her to do in a phone call.

“Obama called me and he said, ‘I’m really sorry but you probably should concede.’ And I said, ‘I can’t concede ‘til the morning.’ He said, ‘Well, you gotta call Trump’, and I said, ‘oh brother’,” Hillary recalls.

At 2am she dispatched her campaign chairman John Podesta to tell the crowd at the Javits Center it was “too close to call”.

It wasn’t until 2.30am that she called Trump to concede.

But worse is to come. She describes in the doco how she was immensely cheered by the despair of Democrat voters, “people crying on the sidewalks, holding their children up. [It was] like a death …

“What I loved was the reaction to the loss and the Resistance that grew up because of it,” she said.

“It began to sprout almost immediately. There was a very big silver lining which made me feel somewhat better.”

This is not the reaction of a person who should ever be president of anything, not even the local school P&F. It’s sociopathic. The destructive political polarisation in America over the past four years owes a great deal to Clinton’s gracelessness. She embarrassed women by being such a sore loser and poisons any Democratic candidate who emulates her.