Liberal Media Melts Down After Trump Tweets ‘Chinese Virus’

Liberal Media Melts Down After Trump Tweets ‘Chinese Virus’, by Stacey Matthews.

I wrote last week about how both the national press and Democrats seemed to be working in concert to shame Republicans into dropping “Wuhan” and “Chinese” when talking about the Wuhan Coronavirus, suggesting it was “racist” and “stigmatizing” to reference from where the virus originated continually. …

In this writer’s humble opinion, it shouldn’t be Trump, who gets questions about why he calls it the “Chinese virus.” The media are the ones who should be asked questions about why they suddenly object to it after routinely calling it the “Wuhan virus” and “Wuhan Coronavirus” in earlier reports:

The WHO, however, is gaining a reputation for mostly being a mouthpiece for China:

“Yet through all the CCP’s obfuscation and ensigning preventable deaths, the WHO consistently praised the CCP for its “transparency” and “leadership,” saying its actions were “making us safer.” To the incredulity of health professionals around the world when finally alerted to the seriousness of the threat in January, the WHO refused to declare it a public health emergency. It took until February 10 for the WHO to even send an advance party to China.

“At the same time WHO representatives gushed in praise of the regime’s response, noting the “Chinese people feel protected.” The WHO continues to lavishly praise China as they continued to downplay the threat of the coronavirus, taking months to classify it finally as a pandemic because that “might spook the world further.””

So the question then becomes this: If WHO is acting as little more than a propaganda arm for the Chinese government, what does that make the mainstream media here in America for falling in step with their Wuhan Coronavirus reporting guidelines? …

As Trump indicated in the presser, he refers to it as the Chinese virus to refute claims from China that the U.S. military planted it in Wuhan.