About Face on Virus in UK

About Face on Virus in UK, by Jacquelin Magnay.

The British government has switched tack and is now trying to suppress the virus in a new long term strategy which has been described as having “profound’’ social and economic effects involving social isolation for huge periods of time.

This comes after the team of scientific advisors realised only “in the past few days’’ that the UK health system would be completely overrun resulting in at least 250,000 deaths if a “mitigation’’ strategy announced last week was continued.

The new frightening advice by the scientific team of experts to Prime Minister Boris Johnson is that the only option is to adopt a “suppression’’ plan, involving strict isolation of the elderly and social distancing and closure of public gatherings such as sport, pubs and clubs that could go on for the next 18 months or until a vaccine becomes widely available.

I’m wearing my shocked face. Whew, better move guys.