Rumors of a nationwide quarantine for 14 days in the US

Rumors of a nationwide quarantine for 14 days in the US.

That would be brilliant! Cut the spread by denying fresh bodies to the virus. Cut the prevalence in the US to a level that can be managed by contract tracing. It means the US hospitals don’t get overwhelmed. The rest of the West would copy, hopefully.

It also means the US financial markets would probably have to close. Which, given the way they are going, would be a good thing for most participants. Two-fer!

Finally, a dramatic and effective action like this is about the only way Trump can rescue himself from the ignominy of his appalling inaction and indifference while this danger crept up. For Trump, that’s a three-fer!

Shame, of course, that it had to come to this more expensive measure. Would have been cheaper to close the US borders a month ago. Still, cheaper than unchecked spread and a million dead who couldn’t get ICU beds.