Fox News Coronavirus Coverage: Misleading the Non-left Political Class

Fox News Coronavirus Coverage: Misleading the Non-left Political Class, by Sanjana Karanth.

Fox News has consistently downplayed the severity of the coronavirus, aligning itself with the president’s position on the deadly outbreak that has caused global panic. Fox News host Sean Hannity had Trump on his show last week, when the president said COVID-19 is not a big deal, intentionally understated the World Health Organization’s estimate of the virus’s death rate (3.4%) based on his “hunch” and implied that it’s OK for people infected with the virus to go to work.

If the virus starts disrupting life in the US and killing lots of people, Trump will pay a heavy price. How does “President Biden” sound? Not that the Democrats saw it coming and warmed people either, but they weren’t in the White House.

Saturday Night Live mocks Fox:

Maybe this is why our non-left friends have been so slow to realize the dangers of the virus? Told it was not serious by a US right wing playing politics.

Reality is what remains, after you stop believing in it!