Alas, Dear Leader

Alas, Dear Leader. By Rod Dreher.

So many illusions will be taken down by this thing. Trumpophilia is one. Here’s another: We are about to discover, I think, how the agenda of the Social Justice Warriors is an indulgence that a society under maximal stress from disease cannot afford.

Or we won’t, and we will tear ourselves apart. It really does feel like America’s social and moral fabric is like a fishing net that has been allowed to rot, and now suddenly it has caught a thrashing whale. We’ll see.

It would have been great to have had a president who could rally the country behind his leadership at a time like this. We do not have that kind of president.

Don’t forget, though, that Trump may have failed, but the deep problems that brought Trump to power remain — and they’re not going to be addressed by returning to the status quo under Joe Biden. That too is an illusion that won’t survive this purification. I’m not saying that Biden won’t win, or even that he doesn’t deserve to win in a contest with Trump. I’m just saying that he is yesterday’s idea of a solution.

Non-left types in the US are not impressed at Trump’s failure to act soon enough, and his poor leadership in a time of crisis.

Lion, from three days ago:

Trump, who is in denial that the virus is dangerous, is still out there shaking hands. I really hope that Trump catches it, because Trump is the biggest roadblock to fighting the virus. If he’s out of the picture, Pence would do a much better job.


hat-tip Stephen Neil