Hitchens: Of Course Boris Will Disappoint, There Are No Conservatives Left in Britain

Hitchens: Of Course Boris Will Disappoint, There Are No Conservatives Left in Britain, by James Delingpole.

I asked [Peter Hitchens, Christian brother of the atheist Christopher] why it is that on so many issues — giving Britain’s 5G contract to a hostile foreign power, going ahead with the expensive, futile and environmentally destructive HS2, the insanity of Net Zero, Keynesian deficit spending etc — Boris’s Conservatives have proved to be every bit as disappointing as the quite fantastically dismal Theresa May Conservatives and the spectacularly useless David Cameron Conservatives.

The reason, Hitchens explained, is that the Conservative party isn’t Conservative and hasn’t been for some time. He didn’t use the phrase “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” — that wouldn’t be Hitchens’ style — but it’s essentially what he means. “There are no Conservatives left,” he told me. “Or at least so few they can make no difference.”

The rot set in the 1960s, Hitchens argues. From about this point, the Conservative party ceased to offer a meaningful alternative to the ideology of the left, but simply argued that it would handle Britain’s managed decline more efficiently.

The Conservatives did not attempt, for example, to challenge one of the fundamental — and most damaging — tenets of the left’s ideology: egalitarianism.

Instead, they accepted all the left’s shibboleths — that selective education, where pupils are set by ability (e.g. grammar schools) was unfair; that the war on patriarchy is a good and necessary thing and that there must be more enforced equality in the workplace, even in careers to which women are largely unsuited such as the Army and the fire brigade.

“But there has been no attempt to put women on dust carts,” notes Hitchens. …


And he’s right. Most of us have a pretty strong idea of what a functioning Western democracy looks like. It has an Army that defends the realm rather than agitates about how best to get more women through the SAS selection test or how to make Muslims feel they can comfortably whip out a prayer mat while on exercise in the Brecons; it has a police force that stops burglaries and knife crime rather than paints its fingernails and BMWs in rainbow colours to show solidarity with LBGTQ issues; it has elite universities which polish the finest minds of a generation by exposure to the best that has ever been thought or written, rather than train them to be nasty, narrow-minded little Social Justice Warriors; and so on.

What’s extraordinary is that a nation where — as the Brexit vote suggested — the majority of people are of at least a small-c conservative disposition, there was no serious pushback to any of this lunacy.

And not just in Britain, but throughout the West. Those who oppose this lunacy in public get shouted down, outcast, professionally debarred, deplatformed, and so on. The left own the intuitions now, and once an institution is owned by the left it is irredeemable because leftist bureaucrats only employ fellow leftists (no fair play or diversity there, thank you very much). Therefore, all the institutions staffed by bureaucrats need replacing.