Israel To Greece: Shoot Muslim “infiltrators”…In The Knee. It Works.

Israel To Greece: Shoot Muslim “infiltrators”…In The Knee. It Works. By James Fulford.

The Greeks have a problem: how physically to stop the influx of “Syrian refugees” that Turkey has unleashed upon them. Fortunately, (not for the first time), Israel has provided an answer: shoot these “infiltrators”…in the knee. It works.

When is it appropriate for sovereign state to use lethal force to resist invasion? In international law, you’d think the answer would be “always”, but some people claim that an “unarmed” mob — not visibly armed, or with only some of its members throwing Molotov cocktails — must not be resisted. …

Seven Palestinians were killed in violent protests along the border fence, in a continuation of the “March of Return” protests. According to the IDF, “The rioters are burning tires and are hurling rocks, explosive devices, firebombs and grenades at IDF troops and the security fence”. The demonstrations were arranged by Hamas, with the aid of special units formed to expand the protests. Four Palestinians were shot dead after they crossed into Israeli territory and approached a sniper’s post.

’42 Knees in One Day’: Israeli Snipers Open Up About Shooting Gaza Protesters, by Hilo Grazier.

Over 200 Palestinians were killed and nearly 8,000 were injured during almost two years of weekly protests at the Israel-Gaza border. …

Credit: Ilan Assayag

You are not meant to see massive bleeding, because in the region of the knee and bones there aren’t a lot of capillaries. If you see blood, that’s not a good sign, because you probably hit too high. The regular scenario is supposed to be that you hit, break a bone – in the best case, break the kneecap – within a minute an ambulance comes to evacuate him, and after a week he gets a disability pension.”

But Shlomi, a sniper from Duvdevan, says hitting the kneecap is also not desirable: “The objective is to cause the inciter minimal damage, so he will stop doing what he’s doing. So I, at least, would try to aim at a fattier place, in the muscle region.”

Back to James Fulford:

Haaretz’s Glazer was able to interview several anonymous Israeli Army snipers. They confirmed that that Israel’s response to these mobbings by massive numbers of Palestinians threatening the security fence is to shoot them, carefully, in the legs.

This is not a guaranteed non-lethal tactic, but it has produced relatively few deaths (215 in two years) …

There are repeated references to the snipers using a Ruger rifle. An IDF spokesman told Haaretz that

“In light of the change that has occurred in the nature of the disturbances, it was decided to equip the forces also with the Ruger bullet, which causes less damage.”

Glazer, not being part of what we call “gun culture” failed to specify which model Ruger — an American gun maker — or what kind of bullet.

I thought, that since these were described a sniper rifles, they meant something like a Ruger M77, a bolt-action deer rifle. But it turns out, amazingly, that the counter-riot snipers of the Israeli Armed forces are equipped with a Ruger 10/22 (in a tactical upgrade known as the SR-22) in .22 Long Rifle, a cartridge which is usually used for shooting…rabbits. So of course it’s less lethal.

The 10/22 is used by American 12-year-olds to shoot tin cans and rabbits, and the SR-22 is something like a toy rifle, and is also used, in America, by young people to hunt squirrels.

I’m not saying that being shot by it is fun, or safe, it’s just about ten times more survivable than being shot with an army rifle.

Can’t the Palestinians find a more productive use of their time, energy and use than this? It seems like madness, unless they conquer Israel. It took Muslims hundreds of years to conquer Constantinople (now Istanbul), the last outpost of the Roman empire, and Christian to boot. But due to a series of accidents, and gunpowder, they finally succeeded in 1453. The eclipse of the moon that month in 1453 is still celebrated in the flag of Turkey and some other Muslim nations.