Coronavirus: Should Australia close its borders? Warning on Italian path to chaos

Coronavirus: Should Australia close its borders? Warning on Italian path to chaos. By Natasha Robinson.

Australia could dramatically reduc­e its death rate from coronavirus if the government acted now to “completely” close borders, cancel­ mass events and shut down schools and universities, the Grattan­ Institute says.

Countries that have adopted radical “social distancing” measures, such as Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, have slowed the spread of the disease within their borders, while countries with less rigorous policies — including Italy and the US — had experienced exponenti­al growth in case numbers­ and deaths.

The Grattan Institute’s chief executive, John Daley, told The Australian aggressive efforts in some countries to contain the spread of COVID-19 came at a significa­nt economic cost — but appeared to have been largely successful­. “Australia has choices and there will be consequences,” Mr Daley said. …

A doctor weighs in:

A doctor who heads a string of GP clinics, Muhammad Mohsin, called for an immediate four-week shutdown of all public events, schools, childcare centres and universities, as well as mass working-from-home measures.

“I believe the only way to stop the spread of the virus is to shut down all schools, universities, businesses and public places for four weeks,” Dr Mohsin said.

“We urgently need to get people­ working from home, learning from home, and watching sport and other events from home.

“This is the only way we can avoid a complete and utter epidemic in Australia. Otherwise, the virus will spread and it will devastate our country and our economy. We must do it before winter arrives­. This is absolutely critical.”

Finally, someone in the MSM poses the obvious question, two months too late. (Who ever said our ruling class are complacent and slow, with an incompetent streak?) But better late than never.

So much cheaper to have closed our borders before the virus arrived, to avoid internal quarantine. Now we get both expenses, both of closing borders and internal lockdown. Brilliant.