Coronavirus: Hospitals to be swamped ‘within weeks’

Coronavirus: Hospitals to be swamped ‘within weeks’, by Natasha Robinson.

Australian hospitals are likely to be swamped by thousands of corona­virus cases within a month, experts say. …

“Basically the doubling time of the epidemic is six days,” Professor MacIntyre [head of the biosecurity program at the UNSW’s Kirby Institute] said. “So it’s going to get worse very, very quickly.

“If it becomes widespread, there is the potential for the health system to be overwhelmed.” …

Doubts have emerged about the need to quarantine people for 14 days, with suggestions this could be reduced in the future. It follows a report by Johns Hopkins Univer­sity in the US that symptoms appear in most people five days after infection.

The first notion was that containment would lower the number of deaths by slowing down infections, so more sick people could receive hospital care.

Not enough, says Steve Sailer. Do what the Chinese have successfully done and limit the spread of infection even further. Get rid of it by starving it of new victims.

Lion quotes this tweet:

Please, please guys. Here in northern #Italy we made one big mistake. Everybody kept saying “It’s just flu” and now our intensive care units are collapsing. Everybody kept going outside like nothing happened and now our grandparents and parents are dying.#coronavirus is not #flu

— Zìbora (@labisbeticah) March 9, 2020