The political storm over green targets will be even bigger than Brexit

The political storm over green targets will be even bigger than Brexit, by Sherelle Jacobs.

Just when we thought the war was over, it is starting to dawn on some London hacks that it has only just begun.

Beyond the Red Wall are rumblings of a new revolt, utterly unanticipated by No 10 and overlooked by a liberal media still shell-shocked by the election. With its drive to “green” the economy at any cost, the Tory party has seemingly decided to celebrate its populist landslide by bogging down the country in zero-carbon paternalism. And so we career towards another People vs Establishment conflict that could be more explosive even than that sparked by the referendum. …

It is becoming disturbingly apparent that the Government prizes green targets over “unleashing” Britain’s potential. The cast-iron case for a road-building revolution, for example, clangs a little too harshly against the hollowness of eco-politan sensibilities. Whitehall is genuinely convinced that Red Wall utopia is cycling to work from a rabbit hutch on the outskirts of Birmingham. They find the idea that people might actually aspire to drive to their downtown office from their semi-detached in Dudley, and at the weekends cruise, sunroof down, to the Bullring for shopping, completely ghastly.

James Delingpole:

If some deranged sadistic genius had had to dream up a strategy most guaranteed to infuriate and alienate Brexit voters, Net Zero would be exactly it.

That’s because Net Zero is, like the EU, the embodiment of what Jacobs calls “the zealotry of unaccountable elites”.

Just as the EU establishment derives its legitimacy from the teleological assumption that the future is borderless universalism, the green establishment poised to take its place sees the planet rather than the people as the highest authority. As a result, the country is heading in a direction at odds with the ambitions of ordinary people.

Precisely. Net Zero is the new Remain. The liberal elite who fought so hard to stop Brexit happening have now retreated to their second line of defence: the so-called ‘Climate Emergency’.

It will enable the Remain Establishment to do much the same thing it did when Britain was a member of the European Union: reward cronies; increase regulation; bump up prices; restrict freedoms; spend like a drunken sailor; crush the little people.