What’s really hurting us is a decade of laziness, stupidity and greed

What’s really hurting us is a decade of laziness, stupidity and greed, by Andrew Bolt.

Even before the coronavirus and the bushfires, this was an economy that was hacking and spitting and feeling weak, as Wednesday’s figures show. …


Absolutely. Listen to everyone from the Reserve Bank governor to Labor asking the government to save us with a “stimulus” — billions of dollars of spending.

But the government looks for all that money and it’s … gone. Spent already. …


How does a country get rich? Usually by getting out of the way of people wanting to invent, invest and work

But check us out. A top personal tax rate of 47 per cent, including the Medicare levy. A top company tax rate of 30 per cent (against a worldwide average of 24). A payroll tax that punishes companies that create jobs. A GST and other business imposts that encourage Australians to buy online from overseas instead.

We also have an award system so fiendishly complicated that even our biggest and most woke companies — Qantas, the ABC — now find they owe staff millions in accidental underpayments.

We have so much green tape that one mine, Gina Rinehart’s iron ore project at Roy Hill, needed 4,967 licences, permits, and approvals just to start construction. …

Rather than try harder to get more Australians to learn, train, work smarter and pay taxes, we imported record numbers of immigrants — about 240,000 a year, net. …


We make our electricity too expensive and unreliable, and now wonder — duh — why investment is going through the floor.

A few commentators are now picking up on how incompetent our current ruling elite and leadership are. It’s starting to hurt, due to poor decisions made by complacent or clueless policy makers in the bureaucracy, academia, media, and the political class.