Virus under Control in China

Virus under Control in China, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

The key piece of news to focus on is that China has the virus under control.

In fact, now we have the irony of China forcing 14-day quarantines on anyone who enters the country from Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Japan, but that’s beyond what the U.S. is doing. All the U.S. has done is have the state department announce that it’s a really really bad idea to go to those countries, but people are free to fly there and fly back at will, as long as they don’t have a fever. …

There’s still way too much complacency outside of China. For starters, the world is still allowing cruise ships and religious services, which have shown to be two major vectors for transmitting the virus, and which could be shut down without a whole lot of damage to the economy.