The political establishments of liberals and conservatives gradually became less competent and more corrupt, so now battle populists

The political establishments of liberals and conservatives gradually became less competent and more corrupt, so now battle populists. By the Z-Man.

For the longest time, the official definition of politics in America, was liberalism on one side and conservatism on the other. ..

To be a liberal was to support the state in whatever it was trying to propose, without thinking too much about the goal. State power was the goal of politics.

Similarly, the conservative championed the individual, which conveniently included corporations and their shared power. If it was good for business, it was good for individuals, no matter the results. …

As an aside, anyone familiar with their history understands that the what Bernie is selling is a form of fascism. His embrace of communism was always a pose, a way to set himself apart on the Left. In reality he wants the state to hold the whip hand and direct capitalism on behalf of the people. His program is corporatism, not socialism or communism. You’ll note that Sanders does not directly attack corporations or corporate power, instead preferring to attack “millionaires and billionaires.” …

These people see themselves as apart from the rest of us. That separation from the grubby Dirt People is an important part of what defines a Cloud Person. …

Reality is that thing that never goes away when you stop believing in it.

The reality of human existence is that a society’s ruling class has one primary duty. That is, it must always protect the interests of their people. For a long time, this ruling elite was able to baffle the people with that old framing of politics. Like a Ponzi scheme that runs out of suckers, the current order is running out of people willing to sacrifice their interests

The establishments of both sides merged to become an elite class, which has become complacent and somewhat corrupt after 70 years of what has basically been peace and prosperity. An establishment tends to choose less talented people to join their ranks, so as not to threaten those within the establishment. Over time, the establishments becomes less talented and less competent. 70 years is a long time for a governing class to decline.

Both establishments hate populists, who threaten their corrupt privileges and their power. But the rising populists will refocus the political system on the needs of normal people, as well as perhaps injecting a bit of sorely needed talent.