Radical Enviros Who Sabotaged Train Tracks for ‘Climate Necessity’ Freed in Portland

Radical Enviros Who Sabotaged Train Tracks for ‘Climate Necessity’ Freed in Portland, by Victoria Taft.

Five climate radicals arrested for sabotaging train tracks used by Zenith Energy to transport crude oil are free today because Portland, Ore., jurors just couldn’t bring themselves to convict the earth’s saviors. The five jurors believed the defendants’ “climate necessity defense,” which argues you can break the law if you’re saving the planet. The case ended in a mistrial. …

The five defendants, who belong to the group “Extinction Rebellion,” put a “garden” on top of train tracks in Portland last April to stop Zenith Energy from transporting crude oil and were charged with trespassing. They also built a small shed alongside. Eleven people were arrested, five were prosecuted. The faux garden was put on top of the tracks to cause a potential derailment. Protesters at times sat on top of the tracks.

Activists rule:

Lauren Regan, lead attorney for the group of activists, said, “The jury’s inability to convict the activists reflects the prevailing community consciousness which is unlikely to punish climate defenders for acts of nonviolent resistance.”

Indeed, this so-called “community consciousness” has made rule of law in Portland a fungible commodity. …

When juries nullify the rule of law and allow “community consciousness” to rule the day, as happened in this sabotage case, there is – to say the least – confusion for actual law-abiding citizens.

That opens the door to all sorts of mischief.

Mark Dickerson, in downtown Portland for a meeting, was confronted by a group of protesters who tried to block his car on Halloween of 2018. …

A protester, hoping for a drama his group could exploit, walked in front of Dickerson’s slow-moving vehicle, allowing himself to be bumped. Police arrested Dickerson. Had he not had video proof, thanks to his dashcam, he’d be sitting in a jail cell right now. As it is, the ongoing legal battle has wiped out his savings and caused harm to his reputation.